Maximising Value In Your Assets


With the price of raw materials recovered through the recycling process at an all-time low, it is more important than ever to maximise the value in your redundant IT equipment, Used-IT specialise in both whole equipment reuse and Individual component resale.


Our secure Data policy enables us to continually provide the highest standards of data destruction and security; without the need to compromise in order to remain competitive.


We aim to reuse as much equipment as possible in its complete form. However this isn’t always possible so we have perfected our processes in order to recover the maximum amount of reusable components from the IT and WEEE equipment we collect.


Our Basingstoke recycling facility houses over 1,000 computer and laptop components that are processed, stored and distributed via our online store. We are rapidly becoming one of Hampshire`s largest & trusted online retailers of Used IT and component parts. We are constantly updating our online store with new products every week.


By maximising the value in your redundant equipment we reduce the possible cost impact to you and increase our ability to provide you with financial rebates – generating a potential revenue stream from your redundant assets.


To find out how Used-IT can help maximise the value in your assets contact one of the team on: 01256 476988

Call us on: 01256 476988






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